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Unlike most digital marketing agencies with vague pricing methods, we are different. We want to keep things as straightforward as possible.


Well, we run businesses too! And we hate that “I’ll give you a quote” approach riddled with unclear items that do not make any sense.

With Money Senpai, you’ll have defined social media content packages with easy-to-understand inclusions and straightforward pricing.

Of course, there may be exceptions where we have to change the rates because of project complexity or if you want things expedited. About 99% of the time, however, what you see below is what you get, nothing more and nothing less.

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Scheduled on Both Facebook and Instagram Graphics

We will schedule each post that we provide on both platforms for maximum results. We can set them to whatever time you like. If you let us automate everything, we will run an A/B test to see what time works best for your business.

In essence, your brand will publish a total of two times for a single post we create: one on Instagram and one on Facebook.

Submission and Scheduling

We will send you our deliverables in two ways: direct scheduling or via a Google Drive Folder.

Direct scheduling means we will access your Meta Business to use the content calendar tool where we plot every post we’ve made, automating your posting activity. This method will benefit you the most since you’ll no longer have to spend time working on the Meta Business Platform.

Google Drive Folder delivery means that you will have to send and give access to a dedicated Google Drive Folder where we will upload everything. We are organized and will create a Google Document that places the images and captions in pairs. You can download everything by simply downloading the document as a webpage

Scheduling through meta description and google drive

Why You’re Saving Money By Choosing Us

With our services, you get more affordable prices as you order in bulk. For a single post Auto Solo 10, it will cost you $10. But if you choose our Auto Basic 99, you’re only paying $6.6 apiece, and for our Auto Custom 599, $3.7! That’s an immediate 63% discount!

Auto Starter 49

Auto Standard 199

Auto Complete 399

Auto Solo 10
Auto Basic 99

Auto Premium 299

Auto Custom 599

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We Make Your Content More Interesting

Money Senpai has a team of talented writers, graphic designers, SMM and SEO specialists, video editors, and project managers dedicated to supporting your business. Work with us and see your business reach new heights.

Hire a Content Creator Today!

Money Senpai can help get you on top of people’s searches and stay ahead of the competition. With our customized digital marketing services, your business will stand out. Contact us today!