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How to Make Money Online for Teens: Ten Easy Money Making Ideas

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Life as a teenager isn’t easy. You’re dependent on your parents for money, and you always have to ask for permission. How about we change that? Before you start saying that working is for adults only and you want to enjoy your life as a teenager, imagine this: by earning, you can buy video games, clothes, aesthetic items for your room, or even your first car! All of those things are possible if you start making money as a teenager. So let’s answer how to make money online for teens. 

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Why Start Making Money as a Teen

Teenager working on a laptop to make money online

Let’s start with the obvious. You get to buy the stuff you like, and things parents won’t permit you to buy because you’re spending their money and not yours, e.g., concert tickets and that new console.

Another thing about earning money as a teen is that you can lessen your parent’s burden by buying your own school supplies and other fees.

Have you heard the saying “start young, retire young?” Being able to start making money as early as a teenager can give you a huge step ahead. Imagine making money as a teen, and you start saving that money. You could save up to millions of dollars when you get to retirement age if you do things right. 

In essence, money is freedom. And the more you have, the more independent you become. However, let’s break down a few things to further help you understand why it’s ideal to learn how to make money online for teens.

Infographic of the three reasons to make money as a teen


One of the benefits of earning as a teenager is learning how to balance time, money, and priorities at a young age. You get to grasp the concept of budgeting and prioritizing important things in your life before being an adult. Moreover, you will learn to save up for something you want or decide not to buy it because you know it’s not worth your hard-earned cash.


Did you know that people with prior work experience are more likely to get hired by companies and employers than those without?

Adult life isn’t that far away. You might be going to college or start working in your chosen field. Making money as a teen will give you hands-on experience before applying for a job, giving you a huge advantage over your competitors applying for the same position. 


With experience, your confidence grows. Trying different online jobs, gigs, and methodologies that allow you to make money as a teen increases your skillset. This growth translates to being more confident. Furthermore, it also gives you the mindset that there’s nothing you can’t learn or do.

However, always remember to keep humble. Having humility and confidence will give you many opportunities and a good reputation. Employers will always prefer those who’ve experienced work (regardless of the type of work). 


10 Best Ways to Make Money Online for a Teenager

Infographic of the best ways to make money online for a teenager

1. Freelancing

Did you know that you can make an average income of around $21 an hour by freelancing? That’s the average income; imagine if you put in more time and work. You’d be solving how to make money online for teens quickly! So what is freelancing?

What Is Freelancing

Now becoming the preferred lifestyle choice for many due to new technologies making remote working accessible, freelancing is a contract-based profession that uses skills and experience to provide services to clients. 

Being a freelancer means:

  • You’re a self-employed person
  • You offer services instead of being an employee
  • You’re running a business

These parameters make it perfect for teens who want to make money with limited time on their hands and can’t afford to commute to work.

How to Start Freelancing as a Teen

There are plenty of freelancing jobs like being a virtual assistant, social media manager, programmer, writer, etc. You can start from where you are most comfortable. If you are confident in writing, then be a freelance writer. If you are good with designs, be a graphic designer or animator. There are endless possibilities when it comes to being a freelancer.

Virtual Assistant

Some people get confused between the two because if you know what a Virtual Assistant (VA) does, you’ll realize it’s pretty similar to a freelancer. To simplify, a VA is a remote employee helping clients with various tasks. But unlike a freelancer, a VA works with their clients’ time schedules, meaning they aren’t as flexible as freelancers. Freelancers are also skill-specific, while VAs lean more to their clients’ needs.

From the word “assistant,” a VA’s job is to assist their clients, from scheduling appointments and making phone calls to arranging travels and maintaining email accounts. 

Where to Start Freelancing as a Teen

You can find freelancing jobs on the following websites:

How Do You Get Paid

Your salary as a freelancer depends on a few factors: your experience, skillset, demand for the specific skill, and education. 

What matters most is your experience, so once you have done a lot of freelance jobs, you can start your blog to showcase your work, then add it to your LinkedIn resume or social media. Doing so will increase your chance of getting more clients and your reputation as a freelancer.

You can get paid through Payoneer, PayPal, and other online payment platforms once you finished your job.

2. Paid Online Surveys

Do you remember those surveys you had to answer for your school and how long it took to answer them? Well, you can monetize that, and here’s one of the best ways to make money online for teens.


What Is an Online Survey

The quick answer: it’s a structured questionnaire meant to gather data from your target audience. Certain websites or companies create online surveys and pay you in return for answering them honestly.

You could take online surveys in your spare time to earn extra money. However, this is only good as a side gig, so if you just want some extra cash, you should try it out.

How Does it Work

You answer questions; it’s that simple. You’ll need to answer a few prerequisite questions for some surveys to qualify. This process is to ensure that you fit into a specific demographic. You won’t get rich by answering surveys, but it’s a decent way to make money online as a teen.

Here are a few online survey websites:

3. YouTube Videos

Do you enjoy watching your favorite YouTubers? Perhaps you even thought about making videos on your own after searching for “how to make money online for teens” on the platform.

How to Earn

Making money on YouTube has changed in the past few years. You used to earn per video view, but now it’s focused on earning through ads. So you have to commit to making videos to earn a following to monetize your videos.

To make things a little easier, choose a genre or category you want to commit to, like gaming, vlogging, comedy, etc. We will list down the top-earning categories in YouTube in no particular order.

Earning through ads is your primary source of income if you plan to become a YouTuber, but that doesn’t mean you are only limited to that. Here are more ways to earn on YouTube.

Infographic of the top categories of YouTube
  • Join the YouTube Partner Program
  • Sell merchandise
  • Crowdfund your next creative project
  • Fan funding
  • License your content to the media
  • Become an influencer and work with brands
  • Become an affiliate marketer

Earning Potential

Based on the things mentioned above, relying on YouTube for income can be tricky. You have to branch out and do more than make videos. But the good thing is that your YouTube channel can be your source of passive income in the long run. 

Passive income means earning money without putting in too much effort. In this case, once you have published your videos, you will still make money every time someone watches them. All you need to do is to manage and maintain your channel. However, that doesn’t mean you can post one video and expect it to earn overtime. 

You have to at least have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in one year to monetize your videos. You can earn $3 to $5 per 1,000 views from ads alone. So if you want to make money on YouTube, don’t expect it to earn overnight and think long-term. And who knows, if you get lucky, you might be able to meet and be up there with your favorite YouTubers who earn $100,000 a video in the future.


4. Blogging

If you enjoy writing about your life or things you are passionate about, you might want to consider blogging – no better way than turning your hobby into cash. But if you aren’t familiar with the term, you might ask:

What Is a Blog

A blog, a shortened term of “weblog,” is similar to a personal diary, an online journal. A blog post is where you can write to share your personal experiences or make educational articles for your readers. However, you might be wondering, what’s the purpose of a blog? Would people read my personal experiences?

First, the purpose of blogs is to entertain, educate, and connect. So yes, people will read your blog, the same as how you are reading articles like this one, from personal to educational topics. As long as people find it interesting, you can earn money from your blogs. But how? Before we get into that, let’s briefly talk about how to create your own blog:

Create your own blog:

  • Choose a blog website name
  • Publish your blog online (using WordPress, Wix, BlueHost)
  • Customize your blog
  • Write and publish your first blog post
  • Promote your blog

Write your own blog post:

  • Choose a blog topic
  • Narrow down your topic with keyword research
  • Define your audience
  • Create a detailed outline
  • Write an engaging content
  • Create a catchy title
  • Add relevant images to your blog
  • Implement call-to-actions
  • Optimize for search (SEO)
  • Finalize and publish your blog post
  • Share and promote your blog post on social media

There are plenty of free blogging platforms available, but if you want to have your own, that’s a different topic. Blogging itself is complicated and cannot be summarized easily in this how to make money online for teens article. If you’re going to get into detail, read our guide on creating your first blog website.

How to Earn

Similar to earning money on YouTube, blogging relies a lot on ads. Therefore, more following means more possible earnings. But of course, there are other ways to earn with your blog, like affiliate marketing. Once your blog gets a lot of traffic, monetizing it is simple. 

Become a Blog Manager

Similarly, what if you know how to run a blog but aren’t interested in owning one? If so, you might be a good fit for a blog management position. You can become a freelance blog manager.

Owners of blogs employ blog managers to handle the daily responsibilities of their blogs. Regardless of the type of blog you run, you may be responsible for the following:

  • Create new blog content
  • Schedule new blog posts
  • Run social media campaigns
  • Respond to comments
  • Perform plugin updates

5. Online Tutor

Maybe you don’t have time to learn a new skill. If that’s the case, why not teach what you’ve already learned in school. If you have good grades and you’re someone your class depends on for answers, try tutoring kids online. Being a good student pays off, literally a decent way to make money online for teens. 

How to Start

Starting is very straightforward. But before you dive right in, you need to know your subject strengths. Math and English are the two most common and in-demand subjects, meaning they have higher pay. But you can still choose any subject you like.

  • Set up your free online tutoring profile
  • Get online tutoring requests
  • Introduce yourself to new students
  • Start getting online tutoring jobs

However, not all online tutoring websites follow these simple steps. Some require you to take a test to prove that you know and can teach the subject. Some will give you an interview. It all boils down to where you want to apply for an online tutoring job. 

Free online tutoring websites:

If applying for free online tutoring websites isn’t your thing, you can always go back to freelancing jobs. There are plenty of freelance tutoring jobs in Upwork if you prefer to work independently.

How Much Can You Earn From Tutoring as a Teenager

Rates vary widely and aren’t that different from traditional tutors. Online tutors have an hourly rate of $15 to $25, depending on the subject and level of experience. Again, it all boils down to the platform and your expertise.

6. Social Media Manager

Social media manager handling a Facebook page on laptop and phone

Isn’t it time to cash in on your knowledge of social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok and make money online as a teenager? It’s not uncommon for bloggers, business owners, and others to dislike the social media aspects of their work. 

What Is a Social Media Manager

When managing their online presence, many business owners turn to virtual assistants or social media managers. These people will take care of their social media pages for them. And if you are confident you’re up to date on the latest social media trends and hacks, this role may be for you.


How to Start Social Media Management as a Teen

Most small businesses don’t really know how to run their social media accounts, and they don’t have the time to do so. But you can’t just contact them and expect them to believe that you are a social media pro. 

If you want to take that approach, you can start by expanding your own social media presence and contacting them if you have a big enough following. They might pay you to help them establish a presence on social media. Many small businesses are looking for assistance regarding content and social media management.

Be aware of the daily tasks of a social media manager:

  • Create content for multiple platforms 
  • Monitor social analytics 
  • Devise a social network strategy 
  • Schedule social media posts 
  • Find relevant curated content 
  • Engage with your audience
  • Review and populate your content calendar 

If you are confident you know how to do those tasks, then go for it.

Where to Find Clients

One way of finding clients is what we mentioned above, where you expand your social media presence and reach out to them by searching for their business using keywords. Another way is, again, through freelancing. There is always a job for you on freelancing websites. 

Another way is working with family members or friends who have a small business. Once you finish one job, they can refer you to other small businesses, and you can work for them as your next project.

7. Sell Items Online

It’s not uncommon for us to hoard things when we are young, especially clothes. You might already see a few of your friends selling their clothes on their Facebook MyDays and Instagram Stories. If you don’t like putting yourself out there to your friends, try online selling on online platforms instead.

Where to Sell Used Items Online for Teens

Before venturing online, you should first try selling locally at a yard sale or consignment shop. It’s cheaper to sell them at your local stores because you don’t have to pay shipping fees. Then you can proceed to online selling now that you have extra money to pay for shipping and other fees needed for marketing. 

Sell your extra clothes on Poshmark or Facebook Marketplaces. If you have unused books, you can use BookScouter, and it will take you to different stores that will buy your book.


Selling Your Own Crafts

Selling your handmade goods on Etsy is a valuable option if you have a knack for design and enjoy the creative process. Printables, bath and body products, jewelry, and more are just a few examples. It’s one of the best-paying jobs for teenagers because you can have a good time, perhaps even collab with your friends and earn money together. 

Top-Selling Items:

  • Jewelry
  • Art
  • Soap/Bath Products
  • Candles
  • Sewn Items
  • Organizers
  • Decorative
  • Magnets/Pins
  • Pet Goods
  • Paper Goods

8. Graphic Design Services

Teenager creating graphic designs on the computer

If you’re creative and know how to use Adobe Illustrator software, being a graphic designer might be the job you’d like.

How to Start

Even if you are an artist, there are still things you need to learn if you want to be a graphic designer. Learning and understanding the basic principles of graphic design is an excellent place to start.

It doesn’t hurt to watch free online videos on graphic design and how the industry works. Every detail is essential, from minor elements like lines and color to major ones like typography and space. You’d want to make sure the design you deliver leaves an impact on your client so that they will hire you again.

Where to Sell Your Services

You can always go back to freelance work and find clients there. You can also publish your designs on stock sites like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, etc. And if you are interested, you can design your t-shirts and sell them online. This approach is a great way to make money online for teens who love art.

Small businesses can benefit from the services of graphic designers. Professional graphic design is too expensive for small businesses. However, they want to produce eye-catching advertisements or websites. That’s where you come in to fill the gap. 

Video Editing Services

If graphic design isn’t your thing, you can also try selling video editing services. The more jobs you take, the more you can practice and master your skill. Eventually, you might end up working as a full-time video editor. Just showcase your previous projects to your future clients.

9. Flipping Merchandise

If you have an eye for great deals, flipping merchandise might be for you. Another way to make money online for teens like yourself is simply buying and selling, also known as flipping. 

How to Buy and Sell

Buy low-priced items and sell them at a high price. But what you need to look out for is that you might accidentally buy something that’s actually worthless. Fortunately, with the help of the internet, that part isn’t all worrisome. 

There are plenty of online stores that sell cheap items that you can resell at a higher price. And you don’t have to resell these items online; you can also sell them to your friends who have no idea how much it costs for you to get them. 

You can resell items on eBay, Amazon, or even at your local garage sales and thrift stores. People often do not realize how valuable things are, and if you know that, you are at an advantage. Buying cheap or discounted items and reselling them for a higher price or their actual value can earn you a hefty profit.


Flipping Domain Names

If you want to get even serious, how about flipping domain names? However, this is more complicated than just buying and selling items. If you are interested, you can read our guide on how to make money out of flipping domain names. 

Here’s how it works: you can purchase domain names for a few dollars and then resell them to people interested at a higher price. 

  • Search for a cheap and worth-buying domain
  • Evaluate the domain, its length, brand potential, relevance, and search friendliness
  • Register the domain name
  • Find a buyer for the domain (the most challenging step)
  • Sell the domain at a higher and reasonable price

10. Beta Tester

As a teenager, you probably want to play video games all day, scroll through social media, and use apps. What if there is a job that pays you to do exactly that? Well, there is, and that’s beta testing.

What Is a Beta Tester

When a game or an app is being developed, it goes through several rounds of tests to check for bugs. However, since the creators themselves often do this testing, some issues or glitches may go undetected (biased approach). That’s where beta testers come in.

Being a beta tester is a fun way to make money online for teens who enjoy playing games. If you are one of them, you will enjoy this job. All you have to do is play their game or use their app and check if there are any issues or glitches. You can also give them suggestions since you are also one of their potential customers. 

Do You Need Experience?

It’s common for minor beta-testing jobs not to require any special certifications or qualifications. But the more beta testing jobs you do, you will have more experience and be able to apply for higher-paying positions like Google’s Beta Testing program.

You need to have a few skills to successfully work as a beta tester: Attention to detail and excellent observation skills. You don’t just play the games and get paid; give them a detailed report on the errors and things that need more work.

How to Become One

It’s unlikely that a developer will reach out to you directly about job openings. Being a freelance beta tester is also one way to find clients.

You’ll almost always have to do one of the following:

  • Find a third-party website that has a lot of paid beta testing jobs
  • Contact the company directly by sending in a résumé/cover letter

Being a teenager is both challenging and rewarding. It’s also a lot of fun to learn how to manage your money by making your own. A little pain in the short term is worth it in the long run. What’s important is having the experience and a good profile. In addition, once you receive that first paycheck, the options are practically limitless!

We hope our list of how to make money online for teens is helpful. You may be able to earn some extra cash to put away for future endeavors. In the end, you’ll be glad you took the time now to learn how to make money online as a teenager.

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