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Link Building Services

Get a REAL, DO-FOLLOW, PERMANENT Backlink from DA 60+ Websites (Real Authority Sites) that boosts your ranking and site traffic | Starting at $20! 

We have featured writers for HubPages Niche Network and many other magazines. We can get your website a high-quality, permanent backlink that will boost your SEO efforts and KW ranking.

These websites have a DA (domain authority) score of over 50-75 (SEM Rush screenshots below).

Link Building Service

Pricing Table

Package A

Discover Hubpages

(DA 75 Featured Article)


  • Provide me a 750-word article
  • 3 1920×1080 images (1 featured image)
  • Place everything in a Google Drive folder and share it with me
  • Anchor text (Hyperlink to your website/landing page)



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Package B

Niche Magazines

(Owlcation, ToughNickel, HealthProAdvice, PetHelpful)


  • Provide me a 1,000-word article
  • 4 1920×1080 images (1 featured image)
  • Place everything in a Google Drive folder and share it with me
  • Anchor text



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Package C

Simplified A and B


  • Your niche
  • Anchor text
  • Target blog post or article page
Learn more about this package in the section below.


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Eyes Here


Your website needs a well-written blog post or article page that can be used as a source for the submission to be accepted for Package B. Any link going to a commercial page will not carry a DO-Follow tag and will likely be removed once the article is published.

Let’s Keep It Easy

Do you want us to write the article and create branded images for you? Add $100 on top of each package. 

Featured Articles on Hubpages are well-maintained and get relevant backlinks from their older articles. These links’ juice carry over to your site, and the more benefit your website gets as it ages. 

Email us at with the subject line: Backlink DA 60

Let’s Keep It Easy


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We Make Your Content More Interesting

Money Senpai has a team of talented writers, graphic designers, SMM and SEO specialists, video editors, and project managers dedicated to supporting your business. Work with us and see your business reach new heights.

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Grow Your Business and Automate Social!

Money Senpai can help get you on top of people’s searches and stay ahead of the competition. With our customized digital marketing services, your business will stand out. Contact us today!